Sunday, November 4, 2007


Everything changes...and so is What the Buz is About.

How are we changing?

1.) We will be located at a new blog site: and you will automatically be added to that site as a member if you were already signed up under What the Buz is About.

2.) The newsletter associated with the blog will be greatly improved. It now will include guest Paper Craft Artists as writers.

3.) Starting, hopefully by the second quarter in 2008 I will open up a website specifically dedicated to the paper crafter. This site will carry paper crafting products as well as products designed by myself for the paper crafters craft space. More on this later.

4.) The blog will have it's own challenge team...see the new blog &/or newsletter for details on the Challenge Team and what you can expect from them monthly.

I hope that you see these changes as positive moving forward type changes. I have to say I'm very excited!

So although we will be at a new "Bat channel" we will be better than ever.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Samping Bella Style

ok confession time...I've never stamped with any other stamp than Close To My Heart. When I became a consultant 7 years ago I was not a stamper...then having been spoiled by the CTMH quality I just never veered away...well that is a thing of the past.

If you haven't seen a stamping bella stamp you don't know what you are missing. Let's just say Italian woman with attitude right here and I can relate to mz bella!

So having resigned from CTMH to pursue other creative avenues I have felt the tickling of discovering what else is out there. So I ventured, I purchased and now I can truly say I've played "Bella Style"

For my first purchase I went with "Clickabella" just because I can totally relate...being on the computer nearly 24/7 these days and "Flowahbella". My next purchase will be "Cakeabella" and possibly a "fella".

Here is my first play session with "Flowahbella" whatcha think? Isn't she just the bomb?

I have to say my husband thinks I'm nutz. I haven't had time all week to play and I got my bella's early in the yesterday I stamped her and then went to up an hour or so later and resigned to try a bit o' color on her. Needless to say I got that outta my system and resumed sleeping at around midnight...only to comeback to my craft room today and finish up these racing thoughts of how to do my bella justice.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Make Your Own Rub Ons

Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect Rub On! Sometime it is 10:00 at night and all the stores are closed and you have to have a Rub On. What do you do?

Why make your own of course

Supplies Needed:

  1. Transparency paper - I use the Transparency film for ink jets. (Do Not Spend $50 for 5 sheets)

  2. Ink Jet Printer

  3. Popsicle Stick or other burnisher type item (a bone folder works good too)

Step One

Decide what you want to make into a transparency. Open your word processing program (such as Microsoft Word or Word Perfect) and create a new document with the items you want to make into rub on's on it. Fill the 8.5x11 sheet up leaving about 1 to 1.5"'s between each image or word.

Step Two
Load your transparency film into your printer so that it will print onto the smooth side of the film.

Step Three

Format your printer settings by selecting print properties. Once there select the "Best Quality", "Mirror" or sometimes called "Word Flip" (doing this flips your words and images so they are facing the direction you need once they are rubbed on) Once this is all done select print.

Step Four

Set it aside and DO NOT TOUCH IT as it will smudge

Step Five

Once dry place the transparency face down (ink side down) and using your Popsicles stick or bone folder rub firmly until the image has been transferred.

Note: once you have used up all the rub on's off this transparency sheet don't throw it away. Recycle it (they can be expensive to keep buying them so by all means reuse) just clean off the sheet with a damp paper towel, let dry and it is ready to re-use.

This is the transparency sheet I made

This is my name, upper left corner rubbed onto my white cardstock.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

EVENT ~ Haltom City High School Craft Fair

This coming Saturday (October 27th) I will be at the Haltom High Schools Annual PTSA Craft Fair.

Anyone who attends and comes by my booth will get a FREE Idea book and MomPack-full of coupons etc.

I will have a ton of pre-made Scrapbook pages in a variety of sizes. As well as some mini scrapbooks already made in the 6x6 brag size. I will have a galore of pre-made cards for every season and event. I will have some mini (3x3) gift cards as well as coaster sets, Christmas ornaments and decorations. I will also have a slew of scrapbooking kits and other paper crafting supply items.

I hope you can stop by and see what is happening. Here is a list of who will be there as vendors.

Tupperware, Jessie's Kitchen's - (Hand painted glass items), Personalized children's CD's, Handmade candles, Kara Vita Skincare, Massage Therapist, Marks Cell phone Clip Hangers, Elegance All Around - (Metal Artwork including jewelry), Douglas E. Sullivan Chiropractor, Beauti Control, Personalized Children's Books, Homemade Gourmet, Pampered Chef, Cartoon Clay Sculpture, Hand made pens, Jewelry, Wooden Crafts, SaraSlings - (baby slings), Christmas Decorations, Custom made burp cloths, Framed artwork, Harley Davidson purses, Crocheted afghans, Scentsy Warmers, Magnetic Jewelry, Sensaria, Home Interiors, Items made from candy wrappers, Avon and of course me.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Degree's of Seperation ~ An Experiment

My link to this experiment was Sonjia Bradshaw from her blog Living Above Neutral

Will you join me in an experiment? I will answer the question: What was I doing 10/20/30 years ago...Then, you answer this question on your blog or here in the comments section. Tag as many other bloggers as possible & have them link back to (Mary DeMuth) who started this little social experiment!

Ten Years Ago (1997) - I lived in Northampton, Massachusetts and my daughter was a 1.5 year old. I was a single Mom and worked full time at The Moore Corporation in Hartford Connecticut. That was a long and horrible commute, but I took the time every week to attend my knitting class and then had friends over afterwards to watch Friends. I can't believe the time I had to do things...where did that time go? Six days a week I'd put my daughter into her stroller and we'd fast walk for one hour on the bike path out behind our house. I had purchased my first home...a town house. Zia & Zio were in our lives back then. Where are they now? Sweet Memories for me at that time were listening to my daughter play in her room while I sat on the couch and knit, the smell of the New England Fog and the pure enjoyment of holding my daughter in my arms. My reason for being!

Twenty Years Ago (1987) - I lived in Flagstaff, Arizona on the Northern Arizona University. I was a Graphic Design Major.( maybe not at that time as I was only a sophomore). My roommate was probably Wendy. She was my closest friend at the time. She probably knew me better than anyone, but it would be secrets I kept that broke our friendship. I still miss her today. I drank too much caffeine, stayed up way to late, smoked like a fiend (I'd quit in 9 years - cold turkey - to have a child) and had a ton of energy. I was a full time student and was part of a work study program that allowed me to work in another dorm and study while on duty. I was discovering who I was for the first time. Sweet Memories for me at that time are sitting on my couch in my cramped dorm room, walking to class in shorts in the winter and living in one of my favorite spots in the world, Flagstaff Arizona.

Thirty Years Ago (1977) - I was 10 years old, only a year and a half younger than my daughter is now. I was in fifth grade and lived in Haslett, Michigan. It was a different life, a time I care not to remember but do nearly every day. I dreamed of moving away, running away, getting away from my home and family. It would take 3 more years until we did in fact move away from Michigan. Moving away was the beginning of the end of my worst years. I lived in a four room house with my younger sister and my parents. My Mom worked full time as a nurse for an orthopedic surgeon at the hospital I was born in. My father seldom held down a job we always would refer to him as dabbling. My father was a dabbler! I thought I was an ugly overweight girl. I was a beautiful "just right" 40 year old in a 10 year old body. I lived to spend time with my friend Tammy and riding horses in Mason, Michigan. Sweet memories for me at that time were playing with Tammy and her dog, doing anything with the horses and being by my self!

So here are my "tag your it":

Emily Giovanni ~ Stamping and Stuff
April Driggers ~ This is what it's all About
Erin Grotegut~ Inky Smiles
Julie Chandler
Denise Babcock
Deborah Cariker

Tutorial ~ Paper Folding - Pine Cone Ornaments

Supplies Needed

  • 50+ Pieces of paper cut into 2"x1" strips - I like to use a variety of background and texture paper. Do Not Use Cardstock as it is too difficult to push pins through.
  • 2" Styrofoam Ball
  • 150+ Straight Pins
  • 8" to 10" of ribbon
  • Thimble - Optional...but saves your fingers

Step One
Lay your one of your 2"x1" strips on the table and fold the left corner down and to the center.

Step Two
Fold the right corner of your strip into the center to meet up with the left corner. This makes a Triangle shape out of the strip.

~Repeat Step One & Two until all 50+ pieces are folded~

Step Three
Hold your Styrofoam ball in your hand and place one of the triangle pieces onto your ball (flap side down to the ball) and pin in the tip of the triangle piece.

Step Four
Butt a second triangle up to the first making 1/2 of a square and again pin the tip of the triangle piece.

Step Five
Do this two more times until you have created a complete square out of four folded triangle pieces with four pins holding them onto the Styrofoam ball through the tips only.
Step Six
Pin two of the triangles in the center of the longest straight side. These two triangles should be apposing triangles.
Step Seven
Cross two corners of two triangles over each other and pin. Repeat this for each triangle's remaining corners. This completes the first layer of your ornament.

Step Eight
Now you will be putting on your second layer of paper. This layer is applied differently than the first layer. It is a good place to alter your paper color. These triangles will be applied half way over the first layer. You will place the tip of the triangle down pointing toward the pins in the center of the Styrofoam ball. The longest straight edge of your triangle will span over the overlapping corners of your first layer. For this layer you will need four triangles to make it around the first layer. Pin each of these triangles at each corner only. The second layer corners will overlap.

Step Nine
Following the same process you did in Step Eight, offset the next layer of triangles so your longest flat edge of your triangle is spanning over the overlapping corners of your second layer. The tip of the triangle is once again pointing down and will be positioned in the gap created between the first and second layer. Again, you will be pinning the corners of the triangles only and they will overlap.

~Repeat this step for two more layers~

Step Ten
Place one edge of your ribbon in width parallel with your last layer of paper triangles. Pin it down into the foam ball. Pin the other end of your ribbon onto the foam ball on the opposite side. This creates your ribbon hanger. You will be pinning your triangle layers over the ribbon. Continue repeating Step Nine until you begin reducing in size and are at the crest of the top of the foam ball.

Step Eleven
Continue repeating Step Nine until you begin reducing in size and are at the crest of the top of the foam ball.

Step Twelve
The top and covering layer will either be two or four triangles. Depending on what size space you have left to cover. You will start out with your first piece by opening the flaps and pinning only the bottom layer. Once pinned on one side you will refold and cover the pins with the top layer. This step is the most tedious step and requires some dexterity. You will continue doing this meeting in the center with the flat sides of each triangle creating a square peak on top of the pinecone.

Step Thirteen

I like to finish it off by tying the ribbon into a bow that comes down tight onto the last layer of the paper triangles. This helps to cover up any gaps or showing pins. I leave a long piece of ribbon extending in the middle. This will become your hanger.

Christmas Cards

These cards were created using some OLD "retired" CTMH papers and the October SOM (Magical Season) I used flocking with liquid glass for Santa's Beard.

I have these and other Christmas single cards and card packs for sale on my Virtual Store.

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